About Sarah Sandmann ART

Known for it’s signature bright, bold and emotive features, Sarah Sandmann’s art is both her freedom and her exercise in self-control.

Her work is a balancing act of focusing on being present and aware of the tiniest detail yet also escaping into the expression and performance of painting.

Unique and open-minded. Bold and evocative. Sarah’s passion is to convey emotion and connect with people through her artworks. The use of bright and bold colours, free brushstrokes and the orderly chaos of “splatter” is designed to evoke a verdict from the viewer in the most unrestricted thought process possible.

Meant to refresh the mind and soul, she wants to remind the viewer to feel and have an opinion without judging the response.

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Sarah is an artist and ocean lover, living in the small seaside town of Melkbosstrand.  A deep connection with the expressiveness found in facial features has led Sarah to focus on eyes and lips.

Using fluid blending, drips and her signature rain drop effect in her artworks, she hopes to find the balance between ebb and flow.